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Survival and Emergency Gear

Any outdoor venture that you choose to engage in takes you away from the warmth of your home and from the security that you get with your walls. As a matter of fact, outdoor activities take you to a whole new world that you need to work a little bit harder than you would do in your house. Survival is basic whether you are hiking, camping, mountaineering etc. You will need survival gear that will take you through the harsher environment and ensure that you enjoy each day of your outdoor venture. Below are some of the items that Kilimall gives you to ensure that you are safe;

Fire craft tools

Fire is essential for survival outdoors as it has several benefits such as keeping you warm at night, cooking your food, providing lighting and many others benefits making the list endless. Matchsticks may not be good to carry around as they may be destroyed by water. We offer fire starters that are small in size which ensures that you will not bear a lot of weight on your camping bag. We also offer a wide variety of lighters that you can choose from and all give you longer service which covers the duration that you may be camping.

Multipurpose watch

A watch is one of the basic things that you may want to have around if you are taking an extended outdoor activity. Kilimall gives you a variety of multipurpose watches that not only serve the purpose of showing the time but also has a compass that is necessary for giving direction assistance. The multipurpose watch also comes with a whistle that can be used to call out for help in case you are in danger. The watch comes with a string that can be used to tie down some of your camping tools. This is a must have watch for people who like wilderness ventures and the best part is that the watch can be worn on a daily basis even if you are not out camping. Get the hiking multi-purpose watch at an affordable price.


If you are an adventurer, you may need to take along a slingshot that will help you in catching game. We have numerous powerful slingshots with rubber bands wrist catapults. Depending on how good you are, you can aim at anything including a rabbit and you will have something to roast for dinner. They are a great companion that can be used to scare away wild animals that may pose danger to you while you are camping. They are made with the best design and there is a wide variety to choose from and you get to choose one that suits you best depending on the color.

Survival bags

We have a wide range of survival bags that come in different shapes and designs with the best sellers being the ones that give you camouflage making you blend with the outdoor environment quite well. Our survival bags are made with the best quality fabric and are designed to fit most of what you would want to pack for your survival while hiking or even camping.


Survival is an instinct that every human being is born with. It is thus important that you consider your survival before engaging in any outdoor endeavor. There are many dangers that are presented by outdoor activities and you may need to have the equipment to deal with such occurrences. Kilimall gives you what you need for your survival and they all come at an affordable price. Make your order today and get the product delivered right to your doorstep.

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