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MALL> Electronics & Appliances> TVs, Audio & Video> Televisions> ARMCO

Armco television sets at Kilimall Kenya

Armco has dedicated itself to making a wide range of electronics that specifically target the Kenyan population. With urbanization catching up in the rural areas, the demand for electronics is not only limited to the towns but is widely expanding to the countryside. Electricity has contributed to this kind of development as anywhere there is electricity there is also the need for electronics. Communication is a major aspect of the Kenyan people, and the two things that you cannot lack in any home is a television and a radio. Currently, people in Kenya want televisions that not only give entertainment but also come with quality. Armco is in the business of giving people affordable TV sets which come with elegance and style. As a matter of fact, Armco is one of the companies that offer affordable televisions. Kilimall comes in to ensure that someone living 1000 miles from Nairobi does not have to travel that far to buy a TV. Kilimall provides delivery services in every part of this country. Products bought at Kilimall are way cheaper than what you get at the shops.

Armco LED-22B8AC1

Armco LED-22B8AC1 TV is a television that most people would want to have on their walls; it comes with a design that does not only showcase elegance but style. Armco LED-22B8AC1 can be easily mounted on the wall, and it will blend well with the decoration in your living room. It is a light weight TV which means that your wall will not have something heavy on it. Considering that it is black in color, it will not cause any form of alteration on the décor that you have. Armco LED-22B8AC1 offers you great audio as it has two built in speakers that give you sound which is of high quality. This TV supports various audio formats which are an advantage as you will not get disappointments of some movies not giving you the kind of sound that you would want. That means that you can listen to your music using your flash disk, and you will get great audio. The visual that you get with Armco LED-22B8AC1 TV is one of the best as it gives a visual which is crystal clear. With a weak signal, the quality of the images is not always affected as you will get something good that you will not even know that there is a weak signal. For connectivity, Armco LED-22B8AC1 TV has various terminals that enable you watch movies and listen to music by simply connecting a hard drive or any pen drive, and you will be good to go. It also has an earphone output in case you don’t want to make noise to other people in the room.

Armco LED-TZ19W10-DC

Armco LED-TZ19W10-DC is a 19-inch display TV that retails at Kilimall at a very affordable price. It has a sleek design which is ultra slim and lightweight something that makes mounting on the wall very simple. Armco LED-TZ19W10-DC comes with the intelligent backlight control which is responsible for adjusting the backlight giving you images that have an improved contrast. With the audio, you get a sound that has a theater like features. Armco LED-TZ19W10-DC enables USB recording, and you don’t have to miss any of the important shows while you are away. It is a digital TV which means that you are free from all the cables that come with connecting an external decoder. For connectivity, you get one HDMI, 1 PC audio in, one USB in, 1 AV in and one CI card slot. Armco LED-TZ19W10-DC consumes low energy making it one of the most preferred televisions in Kenya. Kilimall offers this television at a more affordable price than any of the other shops in Kenya. You are also free from the hustle of carrying this TV as it can be delivered right where you are.

Armco T32H1

Armco T32H1 is a 32-inch television set and one of the affordable brands in Kenya. Armco T32H1 gives its users HD pictures and comes with an LED screen. Some of the features that it comes with are that it supports USB recording. You can record all your music and the programs that you would like to watch in future. Armco T32H1 has ensured that connectivity is not a problem as you get 2 HDMI input, 1 PC audio in, 1 USB in, 1 AV in and 1 SPDIF out. All these ensure that you are covered as you have the freedom of connecting most of the necessary gadgets that you may want to use on your television. A digital TV will sell in Kenya and Armco T32H1 is one with free to air channels. This saves you money that you may have used to pay for a decoder to get connected every month. Armco T32H1 offers USB playback with movies, pictures, and music. Getting a television set which is as cool as what you get with the Armco T32H1 may cost you a lot of money. Armco T32H1 comes with a wide color enhancer to facilitate quality images output.

Armco LED-TZ15H1DC

For people looking for a small size television, Armco LED-TZ15H1DC is the perfect one. A small size television is ideal for kitchen use or even the bedroom where entertainment is not a priority. It is a 15-inch television which sticks to the Armco sleek design and comes with a slim shape that fits your wall very well. Armco LED-TZ15H1DC is small but comes with great features such as USB recording and it’s a digital television. This means that you will save some money if you have been paying for your decoder. There is room for connectivity as you get ports for, HDMI input, PC audio in, USB in, AV in and a CI card slot. Armco LED-TZ15H1DC consumes less power saving energy and reducing your electricity bill considerably. With less than Ksh 12, 000 you can get your hands on this television and Kilimall will deliver it to your preferred location.


Armco is headed to be one of the best TV sellers in Kenya as it comes with qualities that you would otherwise get in very expensive televisions. With less than Ksh 15, 000 you can get a digital television in your home. Armco deals with other electronics giving you the more reason to have it. Kilimall makes it possible for you to own one of the many sets available at a very affordable price. You also get the television delivered at your footstep, and this saves both time and money.

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