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LG TVs in Kilimall Kenya

Among the television types in Kenya, LG are the most numerous and affordable in the list of longstanding and trusted brands in the country. People buy brands and that is why large corporations build and advertise their brands more than the products. A brand that is trusted by the people has an easy time bringing a new product into the market as compared to a growing brand which has not yet earned the trust of the population. LG have, however, penetrated the market and has worked on building a solid client base by building relationships with consumers. This has made LG Kenya a force to reckon with in regard to home electronics in general and televisions in particular. Buying a brand is much better and safer than buying new products and LG is there for you.

The affordability of LG TVs in Kenya may be due to the fact that there are other LG TV types that came way after the LED TV. You may expect that the latest TVs are more expensive than the ones that came a while back but that may be a flaw on your part of judgment because that is not always the case. Television set by LG give you great sound quality and an amazing picture quality that you cannot get with other LED TVs in the country. As a matter of fact, it is the most common TV in Kenya right now due to its friendly price.What has made LG very successful and keeps making the company enjoy a large portion of the market is their wide range of products that range from the most affordable to the most expensive in the same brand line.

It is essential to understand how the TV technology works and why it is way better than what LCD televisions could give us sometimes in the past. In as much as there is not much difference between LED and LCD TVs, the only thing that you will probably notice is that a LG TV is much thinner and slimmer than LCD televisions. The TV is lit by a cold cathode fluorescent light which happens to be large thus making the TV large. LG TVs with flat screen that were there some time ago had a large portion on the back and this has been made different by the introduction of the LED TVs which are thinner. One of the things that make LED TVs thinner is because it is back lit with light emitting diodes that originate from the corners of the television. This is what has contributed to LG televisions having a slim design.

The major challenge facing this technology is that with LED TVs, most of the LG TVs are not able to achieve perfect blacks. You are not able to get the perfect black when you are viewing images on television. The majority of Kenyans may not be in a position to understand this, but you are lucky because I am going to explain. What normally happens is that when there is an image on the screen which should be black, light is illuminated on it and it is not able to give an image that can portray the black color as it should be in reality. LG applies a technology on their LED TVs that enable the TV to dim portions of the screen in regard to the picture being viewed and this results in the you seeing a black color that is closer to the real black one experiences on a dark night. These are just some of the basics that you need to know in case you are considering buying an LED TV bearing the LG logo. The viewing angles that you get with an LED TV might not be as good and this happens to be one of the shortcomings that you get with LG LED televisions. It is expected that LG will keep on improving on the LED technology to ensure that users get viewing angles that are great.


LED TVs were the next new thing but not any more as there are TVs that come with better image qualities on offer such as OLED TVs. This is not to say that you cannot put your confidence in an LG LED TV. Since LG is one of the television brands that has managed to make and retain a name in the electronics business over decades. This means that you can trust their products and you will not be disappointed on any single day. If you have some more cash, you may opt to go for the OLED TV which will take your entertainment experience a notch higher. If not, then an LED TV will do just fine with you. Trust is a big issue in large corporations and LG has cultivated that thus ensuring consumer satisfaction in the world of electronics. Some good news is thrown in because the warranty covered by LG products protects you from faulty appliances that spend half their lives in an electronic shop being repaired instead of providing home entertainment. Enjoy being covered by a genuine warranty to save you trouble and the hassle by buying into a tried and tested brand which in Kenya, is LG electronics.

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