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Everything about Table Tennis Game Equipments

Tennis is a game that is increasingly growing in terms of the popularity. It may not be at par with some of the common sports such as football, rugby or even basketball but is among one of the most followed games in competitions such as the Olympics. Kenya has been coming up strongly in the game by producing champions in the game that are able to compete at international levels. The main challenge in the country is getting the right tennis equipment to for the sport, and getting them at an affordable price. Kilimall is making it possible for tennis players to get what they need to excel in the sport.

A racket is probably the first thing that a tennis player should have. Kilimall offers high-quality rackets that players can use to give their best in the game. There are different types of rackets and individual players have different reasons for choosing any of them depending on what they want.  The ultimate control racket is heavy in terms of the weight, it comes with a thin beam which is light and the frame is not as stiff. There are several brands that offer this kind of rackets and Kilimall brings them to you at super friendly prices.  Lightweight power rackets have an overly large head, they are light weight, they have a thick beam and a stiff frame to deliver the lightweight they come with and make it easy for the player.  Powerful control rackets are the third category that you get, they are somewhere in the middle between the light weight control racket and the ultimate control racket as they come with a mid size head, a weight of around 300grams, the beam happens to be thicker and the frame is somewhat stiffer. This kind of racket is mainly for control purposes but is also powerful. The rackets come at friendly prices owing to the large discounts that you get on each of them.

A tennis player needs good and durable balls to have a good game. Kilimall has tennis balls from some of the leading brands in the world. The balls are durable and offer a good gaming experience as they are made by some of the companies that have been in the business for quite some time. With the tennis balls that you get at Kilimall, you may not need to constantly exchange them for newer ones as they are more durable than what most of the sports shops in Kenya have to offer. The balls can be used by both pro tennis players as well as beginners in the game.


For any sport, the right sports gear is the key to enjoying the game as well as making a win. Kilimall offers affordable tennis gear at super affordable prices making it possible for every tennis game lover to get one for either personal use or even professional use.

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