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Things you Need to Exercise for the Perfect Body

2018-08-14 05:57

Most of us at the beginning of the year make resolutions and one of them is always to live healthily, some make it to the very end of the year while others fall by the wayside. Since the beginning of the year,  I have been working out at the gym and honestly, it's  not easy but with time you get used to it and not exercising is not a very good health choice. I remember a colleague saying that for them exercise is too much so they would rather starve for a month to lose that pot belly. You can choose to go to the gym, get exercise tutorials or watch your diet.Doing any form of exercise can be good as it can help you lose weight, help you maintain a good body and lowers risk of getting sick and also research shows that when you exercise endorphins (happy hormones) are released and hence you feel energetic after a workout.But if you normally have a busy schedule during the day why not slide in some work out at work either in the morning, during lunch or before you leave the office. Why not start now- it's all about your mindset when it comes to being healthy and exercising.

At Kilimall, we will help you with most of what you need for your sporting and exercise needs.

See: And here are some tips for what you need to look out for:

1. Sport Wear

During exercise, you need to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and doesn't irritate your skin. It should fit in order for you to able to do different exercises especially if you will be doing a  lot of aerobics. Also get a workout top that you will be comfortable in and it's not too baggy for you or uncomfortable when you get  all sweaty. 

2. Shoes

You need to pick the right shoes for the activity that you intend to do whether it's  running, training or walking. If you are looking for a good jogging shoe,  it needs to include cushioning, flexibility and good traction. The aerobic shoes should be lightweight to prevent foot fatigue and have shock absorption where the most stress occurs and especially if you are doing aerobics. 

3. Sports Bra

It is important for you to get the right size or shape of bra for support and comfort. Try to find sports bras that come in cup and band sizes rather than just small, medium or large as they fit more precisely. Every time you choose a bra need to consider the kind of activity you are involved in whether its low(walking, yoga or strength training, medium (hiking, Cycling) or high(running, aerobics) impact sports. 

4. Socks

I  know you are thinking shopping for socks is simple but at times you need an extra care when you think the kind of material you expose it to. Look for socks that will pull moisture away from your feet so that your feet stay dry and comfortable during your workout. Never do a work out without socks as it helps in reducing friction. 

5.  Skipping Rope

This is the perfect way for you to get into the mood of exercising and the best part is you can do it even in your room, always give yourself a target which you can jump. You can skip the rope before or after running. 

6. Exercise Mat

This plays a big role especially if you are into yoga or you decide to do yoga. It is  much comfortable  and you don't hurt your back.For your yoga mat consider a thin one to provide cushion and grip. 

7. Gloves

In the gym the are a lot of exercises that you do, and some may  involve you lifting weights which you will need the gloves to protect your hands from injury and too many germs from the gym. 

Exercise gloves Kilimall

Other tips  when  going  to exercise

  1. Carry water
  2. Don't skip any meal so as to lose weight faster.
  3. After the workout, don't expose yourself outside without a sweater.
  4. Have a  face towel, rather than wiping your face with your hands or t-shirt.
  5.  Stretch and eat some post work out food.
  6. Take a  hot shower.


For  all  your  athletic needs  check:

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