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Tips of Shopping Online During Christmas in Kenya

2018-12-10 10:31

At the end of 2018, especially the coming Christmas day (Nov. 12th-25th); no matter the physical stores or online shopping websites, all of them are on great deal to attract buyers who prepares things for new year. So this time is a great chance to buy or even store some things we indeed. While we shopping online or in physical stores, keep clam and choose the right things we in need. Now come and follow these tips during online shopping to make the shopping trip be more smooth and happier.

online shopping

Tip of Before shopping

Know some great online shopping websites in Kenya

Online shopping in Africa like Kenya becomes a trends as more and more great shopping online websites, there is a summary of top 6 online shopping websites in Africa, especially in Kenya.

  • 1. Kilimall – Affordable Online Shopping
  • Kilimall established in 2014, as the one of the most popular online shopping websites is aim at providing great and affordable products for African. In order to it’s improve the service, its business only focus on three countries, Kilimall in Kenya, Nigera, and Uganda.

    Kilimall possess a wide range of products, such as the phone, computers, electronics, home & living, clothes, shoes, fashion, beauty and more. Also, you can own your shop at Kilimall. The most featured of Kilimall is the price is cheaper than other online shopping websites, such as Jumia, but the quality is the same as it. Especially the electronics from him.

  • 2. Jumia –
  • Jumia established in 2012, and it is one of the most popular online shopping websites, the same as the Kilimall. It covers about 13 African countries, such as Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Morocco etc.

    The products of Jumia also have various products like home and office appliances, electronics, accessories, fashion. In other words, you can find almost everything at Jumia.

  • 3. OLX -
  • OLX founded in 2006, many products on it are often used or second-hand, prices are generally cheaper. Unlike other online shopping websites, prices on OLX are negotiable between the buyer and the seller. If you need something about it, it can help you save much money.

  • 4. Shopit -

  • 5. MallforAfrica -

  • 6. Pagiame-

  • 7. Cheki -

  • 8. Mimi -

  • 9. Mamamikes -

  • 10. Amanbo -
  • Tip of while shopping

    After you know the detail information of these website, or chat with your African friends, you may know where you want to buy from. And there are some tips of it.

  • 1. Search the product you want. Most websites showed above support to buy and sell. Different search results will be showed with same search keyword.

  • 2. Compare the price and review of different shops. While you looking through the products, you need to view the comments and compare the price, after all the price does not stand for quality.

  • 3. Check the product stock and shipping time.
  • In most situation, customer can get the general information about the product inventory and shipping time. But if website supports to live chat, you can talk with them and check these information.

    Tips of after purchase

  • 1. Check theorder whether successfully

  • 2. Follow the shipping information. Because of the shopping season, too many orders to ship them on time. You can track it at the shopping website.
  • 3. Check the product. Once you received products, check quality, size, color etc. If there is any problem, contact the customer service as soon as possible. Except the email, you even can contact them through social media, such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram…

  • After you get these tips, let’s shop your dream for your Christmas and New Year.
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