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Flat screen TVs have taken over the old TVs that had a hump like rear side which made them occupy so much space. Manufacturers are trying to make the slimmest TVs possible; such TVs not only save on space but incorporate a technology that make them produce high quality images. A flat screen TV is stylish and is meant to make your living room stylish. Most come with a pedestal that make it possible for them to be placed on a TV stand. An alternative to a TV stand is a mount which saves on space as well as improving the aesthetic of your living room. Kilimall has TV mounts which can support all TV sizes to give your TV the best look for your home.

Hot point TV mounts

Hotpoint is the leading maker of electronics and has grown in the favor of most Kenyans as the choice brand for electronics. It has everything that one may want ranging from kitchen electronics, entertainment electronics as well as other appliances. Hotpoint has TV mounts that serve different purposes depending on your preference. You can only choose a mount for your TV depending on the kind of movement that you would want on your TV.

Hotpoint TV wall Mount HZB-42TS is one of the models that you get and it allows a 180 degree swivel. This means that the mount has an allowance for the movement of the TV. The mount can support a 19 to 42 inch TV with a weight capacity of 36 kilograms. This weight should not be exceeded as the TV might get damaged. It is important to ensure that you have a mount that can support the weight of the TV. Failure to adhere to the weight caution may lead to the TV getting damaged. It has a tilt angle of 5~15 degrees which makes it the best option for your flat screen TV. It is black in color and thus blends well with any TV.

There are other Hotpoint TV mounts that are as efficient as the one discussed above.The details that should influence the kind of TV mount that you get are the weight of your TV, the size and the level of flexibility that you may want to have for your TV. Kilimall has this covered by offering you a wide range of TV mounts that are suitable for all TV sizes and which can accommodate different weights in different flat screen TVs. The distance between your TV is something that you should consider whenever you are choosing your mount. Kilimall has ensured that it has a wide collection of TV mounts that reduce the distance from your TV to the wall, the shorter the distance the better it looks on the wall.

Kilimall deals with TV mounts that are durable and strong. These are the two most important factors that anyone should consider when buying a TV mount. A weak mount may end up being problematic in the long run. Investing in a good TV requires you to also invest in a good TV mount.


TV wall mounts are the next thing that we consider after buying a flat screen TV, TV stands are slowly being faced out. A TV mount makes the living room look better and presentable. Kilimall offers a wide range of mounts that are capable of supporting the TV which will eventually enhance the aesthetic of the room. Kilimall is one of the few shops that sell TV mounts at affordable prices.

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