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MALL> Electronics & Appliances> TVs, Audio & Video

Kilimall is home to everything that you may need for electronics. There is a wide range of products that can transform your living room into the ideal place for entertainment. There is a wide range of speakers, home theatres, TVs; TV stands blue tooth speakers and so much more. Kilimall is one of the places that give it all to you on the same platform. Let us go through some of the products that you will get at Kilimall in regards to TVs audio and Video.


Mooved is a brand that has been in Kenya for quite some time. And it has received a good reacceptance from the people. Mooved products are affordable with a 32 inch TVs going for less than Ksh 20, 000. The TVs have one of the best displays and out do most affordable brands in Kenya. The Audio that you get with the TV is exceptional with sound quality being the key focus. Another product from this brand is speaker systems. All come at an affordable price and they have the best sound output. Mooved products are the ideal combination that anyone who wants to have a good sound system in their home should consider.Kilimall offer the products at a very affordable price.


Armco is a well know brand in Kenya and as such, people have confidence in the products that bear the name of the brand. Most people are aware of Armco kitchen items from Kilimall; it is good to know that Armco has products that can transform entertainment for you. Armco has introduced a free to air digital top box which is portable and small in size and thus does not occupy so much space. Armco has a collection of DVD players which produce high quality images. Most of the Armco DVD players are dustproof meaning that you will not have to worry about the lens getting damaged.


Skyworth is a known maker of some of the best TV sets in the world. Skyworth adds a touch of style in all the TVs that it makes. Most of them are slim with a design that does not occupy so much space in your living room. The TVs have a high resolution something that gives it images that are close to what you get in the real world. Investing in a Skyworth TV is investing in a gadget that gives you quality sound output. With it, you may not need to have a separate sound system to boost the sound that you get. Kilimall offers Skyworth TVs at very discounted prices.


Hotpoint is a brand that is commonly known for kitchen products that it makes. That is not all; Hotpoint is a brand that makes set boxes that allow you get connected to the whole world for free. It is the maker of affordable decoders that have so many channel options than what you get with most of the free to air decoders. The decoders are small in size to save on space and are designed in such a way that they blend with your TV due to the black color that they come with.


In regards to audio, video and TVs, Sayona is the ultimate home for all that. It is the brand that gives you home theatre systems that transform your living room into a movie theatre. There is a wide category of accessories that you get with Sayona which is a renowned brand meaning that you will get the best accessories. When it comes to TVs, Sayona is one of the brands that promise uncompromised quality. It has some of the most affordable TVs than what most brands in Kenya offer. Kilimall is the place where you can get all the Sayona products that you may want to have.

Wooden stands

A good TV, DVD or a speaker system require a good stand to look presentable. Kilimall has a wide collection of wooden stands that are all made from some of the best wood and are designed to give your living room a touch of elegance and taste. There are various colors of wooden stands that you can choose from depending on how you would like your living room to be.


A good living room ought to transform entertainment into something better. It is only investing in high quality devises that can guarantee you that kind of transformation. Kilimall is the online store that has everything that you need to make that transformation a reality.

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