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Top 20 Valentines Day Gifts Ideas 2019

2019-01-30 09:22

Although the Chinese saying goes, “Courtesy Light Affective Heavy”, in fact, gift card is not the best gift for adults in some festivals, on 2019 Valentine’s Day, your lover cannot feel your love through some words on a card, because people also attaches great importance to the number of gifts and their own price subconsciously. Before prepare your Valentine’s day gifts, take consider what you love will ahead to make your gift be more perfect. Let us be your guide on figuring out what you should avoid to do and some ideas of valentines day gifts.

Tips for choosing gift for girlfriend/wife

1. Do not believe that gift card is best gift. Valentine’s day is all about love, no one will be happy if only get one card, unless it comes from your children.

2. Do not prepare gift hasty. The absorbed gift needs to prepare sincerely. Female are sensitive if you only spend little time to choose gifts.

3. Price and sentiment are both important while choosing gift.

4. To some extent, romantic is more important than practical.

5. A card can be a great addition, write some sincerely words on it.

6. Fit your lover’s favorite not your.

Recommend valentine’s day gifts for her

1. Make up valentine’s day gifts

Every female need one favorite Lipticks and perfume are the most pop ular gifts, choose the suitable color and flavour (she does not have it before)..

2. Romantic gifts

3. Dresses or Shoes

Clothing and shoes cannot be the wrong Valentine gifts, but there are some things you should keep in mind before you buy them – size, color, and style. Women do not want to wear same style cloth with wardrobe’s. So pay attention what kinds of dresses and shoes she like while go shopping with her.


4.Earring and necklace


Tips for choosing gift for boyfriend/husband

1. Practical is more important than romantic. As the former experience, men prefers&nbs p;to practical gifts

2. Put more sentiment while choosing gifts.

3. Company and surprise can make him be more touched.

Recommend valentine’s day gifts for him

1. Technologies - earphones, smartphones, camera, speakers…


2. Gaming merchandise - mouse, keyboard…

3. Sport products - sport watches, sports shoes…

4. DIY gifts – dinner, cake, photo album …

From above, you can know gifting your other half something special is not a challenge, as long as you really want to do it.

Top 5 places for Valentine's day dating.

1. Short trip to a strange place – The strange and fresh will make this day be more unforgettable. The precondition of it is you have one day off at least, and you should make plan ahead.

2. Romantic restaurant – Have a dinner with her/him. And choose a private room that no other can bother you.

3. Shopping mall - On Valentine’s day, most shopping malls have big discount, such as restaurant, shops and the atmosphere is full of love.

4. Home - home will be the warmest place to dating with romantic decorations and warm dinner.

5. Amusement park – have a exciting dating with your other half.

No matter what you buy and plan to do on Valentine's day, don't worry just yet though, as you put your love to prepare it, she or he can feel it. Good luck to you.

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