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A Visit to a Children's Home

2018-08-14 05:57

It's always nice to give back to the society and especially if you have been blessed to have more or spare a little to share. That is what Kilimall employees did as they spent a lovely Saturday with the young children at Truthful Talent Children’s Home in Kibera on the 22nd of April 2017.It was a fun filled afternoon as the Kilimall family had fun with the kids who were very welcoming. And as they say Pictures speak more than words and the shots are amazing or maybe it's the people. Truthful Talent Children’s home was started by Lornah 10 years when we the post-election violence happened. The first child who walked to her doorstep was covered in blood and was crying, she cleaned the child(trying to understand what happened to our humanity) and gave her food. That was when her doors were opened and to the many kids who feel the with home with so much love and joy and it has never been closed. The children age range from 4 -17 years while others have moved out and started their own families. Kilimall donated clothing both from the management and the staff for the children as an Easter Kilimall present to them.   

Lornah who has a big heart and catchy smile  Truthful Talent Center can never fall short of talent from dancing, singing, poetry and some craft work and this young weren't afraid to showcase what she can do and she did with so much grace.

So Beatrice also wanted to show that she might be older but she still got her moves as everyone looked and am sure they learned of new moves to show off later.   

As we were all having fun the MC Bernard decided to show he also has talent.   

The moment you interact with the children you feel the happiness that oozes from them. Lorna not only works alone but she has a group of volunteers who help with teaching, mentorship, counseling and any other thing that is needed at the home. Apart from getting help from different well-wishers, they make their own bead work and artwork which they get to sell in different places. Truthful Talent Center doors are always opened to anyone willing to help them and feel free to contact us for their details.

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