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MALL> Electronics & Appliances> Household Appliances> Washing Machines

A washing machine is a home appliance you simply can’t live without. However, Kilimall wants you to make the right choice today and buy a washing machine that will last for years. We have the best washing machines, and you can be guaranteed of top-quality picks here in Kilimall. There are several models to choose from and no matter your budget; our prices are always favorable. Our range of brands includes Samsung, Hotpoint, and LG among others. These are brands that have been tested by experts all over the world.

Samsung Washing Machine

There are many Samsung washing machines models available here in Kilimall. Samsung prides itself as the top brand in their class as far as washers and other appliances are concerned. If you check online, their washing machines are the highest rated and reviewed with much praise. Their washing machines are always advanced when it comes to high-tech technology and mostly advanced in cleaning systems.

At Kilimall, we have both the semi-automatic and fully automatic Samsung washing machines, perfect for all users. Our pool of washer’s models fully matches your budget and requirements. Make an effort and take advantage of Samsung’s modern technology and use only the features that offer the best, cost efficient and cleanest products. Samsung brand is reliable and easy to use. If you want a good pick, Samsung washing machine is the best fit.

Hotpoint Washing Machines

Hotpoint is one of the biggest brands in Kenya and best known for quality washing machines. The brand manufactures washing machines with capacities ranging from 5kg to 11kg. Kilimall brings you a wide range of Hotpoint washing machines to choose from based on capacity and your budget. If you need a new washing machine or your old washing has broken down, you’re in Kilimall for a new Hotpoint machine that will take you for ages. Take a look at the Kilimall range of washing machines and make the best decision on which capacity will fit you and your family.

From cheap Hotpoint washing machines that have the basic functions to classy models that feature the latest technology in laundry care such as multiple programs, energy efficient and ultra-fast spin speeds- here you find the best washing machine that best matches your household. Shop today and enjoy our huge discounts.

LG Washing Machines

LG is another name for quality rated with top stars by millions of users globally. LG is known for their top-quality home appliances and always outdo themselves when it comes to advanced washing machines. Kilimall is a home for the best LG washing machines that come fully loaded with all the features you would expect from an advanced washing machine. Whatever comfort you are looking for, you will surely find it with an LG appliance. The LG washing machines and dryers perform exceedingly well and above all they look good in your house. At Kilimall, you will be spoilt for choice on which washer you will take home, and they are available in different colors to fully match your lifestyle. If you are looking forward to saving big with an LG washing machine, place your order before the offers last.

Let’s be honest, there is nothing boring than washing clothes using your bare hands. Find a washing machine here and do away with much hustle. We have a size for everyone, whether you are looking for something smaller or big in capacity, Kilimall has a fantastic selection just for you. And whatever your budget, we will still offer you the best washing machine.

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