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Weightlifting accessories

Weightlifting is an exercise that most people find interesting; this is because consistency tones up the body and gives men a well-built body. Some men do it for fun and to have a great body while others do it for sports. Weightlifting is not only reserved for men as women have also been engaging in it. It is important to note that weightlifting is not just about lifting different weights and gaining muscles. There are various accessories that one can use to make the experience better and to make the workout smooth for them. We offer you a wide range of accessories that you can use to make weightlifting more fun. Some of the accessories that you get include;

Weightlifting belts

Weightlifting belts are an important accessory to individuals who plan to engage in weightlifting for a long time. They are important for the back, weightlifting belts support the lower back preventing damages that may occur when lifting weights which may be heavy. The belt keeps the lower back steady and prevents jerks that may suddenly occur and cause serious back injury. There are various sizes that you can choose from. The belts come at super affordable prices.

Weightlifting gloves

Weightlifting gloves are used for various purposes and there are different types of gloves depending on specific needs. The main use of gloves in weightlifting is for increasing hand grips. They are quite useful for people with soft hands as the metals keep on slipping from their hands. Gloves are also important as they cause less pain while one is lifting weights as well as well as reducing chances of getting calluses. Gloves are thus as an important accessory to people who are often losing concentration on the weights due to the pain or even a weak grip.

Barbell wrap pads

A barbell wrap or pad is wrapped around the weight bar ensuring that your back does not bear a lot of weight when you are squatting with a weight on your shoulder. The weight bar is uncomfortable to most people and may at times cause minor injuries. With a barbell pad on the bar, one does not feel the discomfort on their shoulders allowing one to enjoy the workout. We offer barbell wrap pads at an affordable price, one which is cheaper than what you get in most of the fitness shops in Kenya.

Wrist wraps

Wrist wraps are an accessory that weightlifters may find helpful as they have numerous benefits which perform in an almost similar manner as lifting belts. The main function of a wrist wrap is that it helps to keep the wrists in place while you are lifting weights. They keep the wrists more comfortable allowing one to do numerous weightlifting exercises. We have a wide variety of wrist wraps that are made of different fabric and you can thus settle on the most appropriate fabric and one which you are comfortable with. They all come at a lower price than what you would get in most of the shops in the country.


Apart from the listed accessories, there are others that you can get to make the exercise more interesting. You can also get an MP3 player so as to enjoy your favorite music while you are still working out the muscles. Kilimall sells all these accessories at a discounted price to make it possible for people who love working out enjoy their time. You also get the products delivered right to your doorstep making work easier for you. Make your order today and enjoy an unlimited number of products to spice up your exercises.

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