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What is International Women’s Day?

2019-03-06 05:53

At the beginning of March, an international festival - International Women’s Day on Friday, 8 March is coming. International Women’s Day 2019 campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter. What we cannot deny is some of people do not why there is International Women’s Day.

History of International Women’s Day

On March, 8, 1857, women garment workers protested the bad working condition and low salary marked as the beginning of International Women’s Day. In the next decades, more and more activities were hold by women to gain more legal rights. Women’s day is accepted by most countries and the focal point in the movement for women’s rights. In 1921,  the second International Women Now it is also celebrated for women’s great achievement of economic, politics, and social. Nowadays, in most countries, women can get extra relaxing time and even online and offline shopping all have special discount for women.

Why should there be International Women’s Day?

In 1800s, women and mens were in unequal condition at many aspect, such economic, politics, family and even human rights. They do the same things with mens, but what they can get are much less than men’s. As the consciousness change, and activities of International Women’s Day, women have fighted for the related equal rights, but not enough yet.

What do International women’s day most stands for? It is dependence, no matter what we are doing now, we must remember that we should be “Thinking Dependent, Economic Dependent”. Hence we can take control on our life.

How to celebrate your 2019 International Women’s Day?

# Relax yourself

Anyway, this is women’s day, do not let work or housework full with your day. Today, you are not wife, mother, and worker, just do what you want to do.

# Plan your life

Make a proper plan can be good guider to our future life. Life without goal looks like headless chicken,  spend some time on plan, your life will be more objective and planning.

# Believe yourself

Women are in equal with men in every aspect, believe that you are can do what mens do. On the contrary, same right means same obligation.

#Cheer up yourself

To award a gift to yourself on 2019 International Women’s Day! In the worldwide, most online and offline shopping mall are on Women’s day sale, you can get most products, such as women clothes, women bags, women shoes.


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A Special Thanks

Thanks every woman around you, if you are a woman, say truly thanks to yourself.

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